Fun And Easy Kids Activities To Learn Through Play

Indoor Apr 03, 2021
Tell me and I forget, show me and I remember, involve me and I learn.
Benjamin Franklin

Learning activities at home

Kids learning activities don't need to be long winded or involve worksheets and sitting at a desk. Getting children to participate in quick and simple set ups can really help them develop all sorts of skills and knowledge.

Word games

Hide pieces of card around the house or garden that contain sight words or spellings or letters or numbers. Then sit on the sofa with a cuppa and a walkie talkie while your little ones are off on a hunt. When they find a card, they can read it to you over their walkie talkie!

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Word hunt game

Skill based activities

How about this fun and simple way to learn to tie their shoe laces using an egg box? Simply make holes in a 6-piece egg box and run a shoe lace through the holes. Challenge the little ones to tie the lace and learn this handy skill!

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Egg box shoe laces tie activity

Shape finders

Lolly sticks can be great for all sorts of learning. Use them to create shape finders and then head out on a shape hunt to teach children to identify 2D shapes and discuss some of the shape properties.

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Shape finder activity


Crafts don’t need to be expensive. Using items from around the home can be just as effective, and can help kids develop a creative mindset.

Creating animals from household materials can be great fun. Check out the lolly stick bumble bee, toilet roll penguin and scrap paper butterfly sun catcher that we made!  

The sky is the limit when it comes to DIY and crafting, so kids can make any crazy idea they have come to life!

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Animal crafts from household items: DIY penguin, butterfly and bumble bee

Outdoor learning

We all know that spending time in nature is great for children’s physical and emotional wellbeing, so why not try these simple outdoor craft activities.

Autumn crafts with leaves

Cutting and writing on fallen leaves can be fun and tactile nature learning play! We used this activity to practice our number bonds to ten. Simply collect some leaves, cut them in half and each matching side has a number that adds up to ten with the opposite side.

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Number bonding activity using fallen leaves

DIY bird feeders

Learning all about 2D shapes by creating these easy bird feeders is lots of fun! Just glue some lolly sticks together to form different shapes, cover them in peanut butter and then sprinkle bird feed all over.

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Bird feeder shapes activity

Citrus candle

Why not spice things up and make this easy citrus candle? Cut a lemon and keep half the skin, add a drop of oil and light the middle part of the lemon skin. The candle lasts all evening and smells amazing!

DIY citrus candle


Books can provide so much inspiration for learning and play activities at home. Grab your kids' favourite books, make a reading corner, snuggle down and enjoy!

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Kids craft activities inspired by your favourite kids books

Repurposing toys

Repurposing toys and activities from your home can also be a great way to cheaply give your toys a new life. Getting kids involved will also help them learn the importance of reusing and recycling.

There are some great ways to bring new life to your puzzles. Make a missing numbers game using the back of old puzzles, or a puzzle rescue game by using some tape to make a grid over a container with the puzzle pieces inside.

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Missing numbers puzzle game
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Puzzle rescue game

Easy kids activities to develop motor skills

Learning resources don’t need to cost a fortune. Have a go at these homemade tweezers to help develop fine motor skills. You need: 2 lolly sticks, an elastic band and some Pom Poms or pieces of cotton wool!

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Develop fine motor skills with a pom pom tweezer game

Rainbow Crafts

Finally, rainbows are the symbol of hope for children all around the world. Why not try some of these simple rainbow activities and crafts a try to brighten up the home and garden!

For some messy art play, paint your children's hands in rainbow coloured paints, to make rainbow hand prints on a canvas. You can also grab some cotton buds, dip the ends into paints, and draw rainbows with them.

Using coloured lolly sticks and some glue, make a bird seed holder, or a flower pot for your garden.

Finally, tie some ribbons around an old wreath, to make a cheerful decoration for your door.

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Rainbow craft activities for kids

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Adele from Mum's School Of Fun has been working in education for over 12 years. Since becoming an Assistant Principal across a trust of schools she has worked with children from Primary and Secondary schools, supporting teachers to deliver active and outstanding lessons to support student progress. Adele is also a Governor at a Pre School and works as an Education Consultant with specific focus on CPD and coaching and mentoring.

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